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University of Guyana Library

"Information Portal"

Caribbean Research Library

The Caribbean Research Library (CRL) is a specialised reference collection of all types of materials both, current and retrospective, which relate to Guyana and the Caribbean.  It is the largest of its kind regionally, and its resources and services are open to organisations and individuals engaged in research on Guyana and the Caribbean.




The general objectives of the CRL:

•    To collect and disseminate retrospective and contemporary information on a wide   

      range of topics and subjects – from the creative arts to the sciences – on Guyana  

      and the Caribbean.
•    To support research and teaching activities of the University Campus including

      national and overseas researchers on Guyanese topics.
•   To encourage an awareness of the importance of research on Caribbean, and

     especially Guyanese topics.
•    To preserve our history and cultural heritage.

With a specific objective of being an important reference collection the CRL aims to be as comprehensive as possible in the collection and acquisition of Caribbean material. To this extent the CRL can proudly claim to be the largest collection in the world on GUYANA. In scope, this unit covers the Guianas, Belize and the Caribbean islands, and in some instances, items on flora and fauna of South America. It contains approximately 30,000 books, journals, pamphlets, staff papers, student papers, theses, blueprints, manuscripts, newspapers, building plans, paintings, artifacts, microfilms, maps, records, tapes and other miscellaneous items, some of which are both unique and rare.

Being a closed collection, users do not have access to the stacks, but can consult the online and card catalogue to access the vast holdings of this collection.  
Serials and journal listings, indexes of content pages of journals, student papers listings, as well as listings of catalogued and uncatalogued theses are available at the CRL Information Desk to provide access to the resources within the collection.

All registered users and visitors are permitted to borrow items for use within the CRL for a period of 2 hours on any one occasion; renewable if necessary.

The CRL also mount various exhibitions displaying and showcasing our unique collection. Additionally, exhibitions are mounted for various significant days that are celebrated globally, regionally and locally.
There are also various special collections within the CRL, these are as follows:

A.W.B. Long Collection Vital information on the social history of Guyana
Roth Collection Manuscripts
Union of Cultural Clubs Collection Reports and other information concerning the history of Guyana
Rare Book Collection Old maps, postcards, photographs, and manuscripts dating back to the 15th century.
Norman E. Cameron Collection Manuscripts, diaries
A.J. Seymour Diaries, manuscripts, letters.
Allsopp Collection Information on Civil Engineering – building of roads and bridges
Legal Deposit Published materials in Guyana and by Guyanese
Guyana Prize for Literature Literary Awards for Guyanese and Caribbean authors of fiction, poetry and drama


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