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University of Guyana Library

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Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is the audiovisual arm of the University Library.  All registered users of the Library are eligible to use the resources of the LRC.  The LRC houses study and research materials in non-book formats. It is located immediately south of the main library building. The immediate objectives of the Centre are:

  • To provide facilities for group and individual use of audiovisual equipment and materials
  • To provide support for audiovisual teaching methods in all faculties and departments
  • To provide facilities and materials for self-directed learning.

The services of the LRC consist of:

Loan of Equipmentboth on and off-campus Loan forms are available at the Learning Resource Centre. Requests for off-campus loans should be made at least two days in advance; requests for other loans must be made at least one day in advance.
Internet Facility is available free for all staff members This is available free for all staff members. This service can be accessed during the opening hours of the Centre.
Loan of Audiovisual Materials  Video and audio cassettes, slides, microfilms, microfiches, CD-ROMs can be accommodated for use in the Centre. Printed lists provide information on available resources.

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