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University of Guyana Library

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Library FAQs

Can anyone join the University of Guyana Library?

All staff and students who are fully registered with the University of Guyana are allowed to join the Library. Visitors are allowed to join the library upon request based on the discretion of the University Librarian for a small fee.


Why Should I Registered with the Library?

All eligible users must register with the Library in order to borrow items.

Opening Hours of the Library?

The hours of opening during semester are Monday – Friday 8:30 h – 20:00 h
                                                          Saturday 8:30 h – 16:30 h
Closing hours are extended to 22:00 h from Monday – Friday five (5) weeks prior to the examination period.

A 24 h Reading Room Service is offered five (5) weeks prior to the examination period.
During vacation and off peak times the hours of opening varies.

How do I find books?

To find books in the University of Guyana Library, use the library’s manual catalogue or the library’s Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) at library.uog.edu.gy  by (searching either by author, title or subject, etc.).  The catalogue will provide a classification number (call number) that would help you locate the book/books on the shelf in the various subject divisions. If you are using the OPAC this will indicate if the book is currently available or if it is on loan.

Persons residing overseas can request information of this nature via e-mail or use the OPAC library.uog.edu.gy

How Do I Borrow Books?

After locating the book/books that you would like to borrow; take the book/books to the Circulation Desk along with your Student Identification card and proceed to borrow the book/books.


How Long I Can Borrow Books For?

It depends on the loan period of the book:
There are Three (3) weeks loan, One (1) week loan, Forty eight (48) hours loan and Two (2) hours loan. The Two (2) hours loan are not allowed to be taken out of the library.

How do I renew a book?

A book can be renewed by visiting the library or by calling the Circulation Department and giving the following details such as: your name; USI number; author of the book; title of the book; the accession number of the book; the call number of the book and the date due.

How do I reserve a book in the library?

In order to make a reservation, the student must locate the book/books using the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and placed a hold on the book. Note that it is only possible to reserve a book if it is on loan.
One week is given for the person to uplift the book/books after the book/books has/have been returned.
Notification will be sent by email informing patron when they can uplift reserved book.

Does the Library Provide Access to Electronic Resources?

Yes the library provides access to electronic resources free of cost to all students and staff of the University of Guyana.


How Do I Access the Electronic Resources?

In order to access Library-subscribed electronic resources from on or off-campus you must uplift the username and password by the following ways :

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Library's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UoGLibrary/


The Library's Virtual Help Desk Service via Zoom which can be accessed during Monday – Friday 10:00 h -15:00 h using the following details:

Zoom ID: 732 751 7819
Password: ugl2020


What is the Procedure for Photocopying Items?

Patrons are asked to identify the material to be photocopied, complete the photocopy request form; pay the cost at the Circulation Desk (Fines Point); and uplift the photocopied item.  Requests for photocopied items can also be sent via e-mail.
Copyright regulations apply to the photocopying of items.

What is the Cost for Photocopying Items?

The cost of photocopying is as follows:
Research materials G$10.00 per page
Personal materials G$15.00 per page

Does the Library Provide Access to the Internet?

Yes the library provides access to the internet free of cost to all patrons in the Rabindranath Tagore Resource Center (RTRC).


Does the Library Provide a Printing Service?

Yes the library provides a printing service in the Rabindranath Tagore Resource Center (RTRC) at a cost to all patrons.


What is the Cost to Print?

The cost of printing is as follows:
Color printing G$140.00 per page
Graphics printing G$40.00 per page
Black and white printing G$20.00 per page


What is Inter-Library Loan?

Interlibrary loan is a service whereby the library sources a book/article that is not in our collection.


How Do I get an Inter-Library Loan?

A request for the material is made by filling the inter-library loan form and your request is processed by the library.













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