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University of Guyana Library

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Library Services


To borrow items you must present a valid University ID card, in order to borrow Library materials to the circulation desk which is located on the first (middle) floor.

Number of items that can be borrowed:

•    UG Undergraduate students may borrow up to eight (8) items at a time, six (6) of those being materials which can be taken out of the Library and two (2) for use only in the Library (2 hours). Undergraduates can borrow two (2) Reserve items at a time.
•    UG Postgraduate students may borrow up to twelve (12) items at a time, ten (10) of those being materials which can be taken out of the Library and two (2) for use only in the Library (2 hours). Postgraduates can borrow two (2) Reserve items at a time.
•    UG Academic and senior administrative staff may borrow up to twenty (20) items at a time. • UG Academic part-time staff may borrow six (6) items at a time.  UG non-academic senior staff may borrow up to six (6) items at a time.


By Telephone/Email

Patrons can call the library via telephone (592) 222-5444 extension 4207, or  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Provide your name, Unique Student Identifier (USI) number, barcode and the title of the book for it to be renewed.

In Person

Present the book and your registration card to a librarian at the Circulation desk.


•    Items cannot be renewed from the Reserved Collection
•    Items cannot be renewed from the Caribbean Research Library
•    Items can be renewed once
•    Overdue items cannot be renewed
•    Reserved items cannot be renewed


All items borrowed must be returned at the Circulation Desk on or before the due date.


Reservation for items currently on loan can be made at the Circulation Desk or using the Koha ILS. When those items are returned, the items requested are held for a maximum of seven days for 1 week and 3 weeks loan, and 2 days for 48-hour loan. An item request does not change the original due date, but it does prevent the current borrower from renewing it.


Interlibrary Loan

Material not in Library stock can often be obtained on loan from other libraries, local and overseas, through the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL). Requests are accepted for books or photocopies of articles. Forms are available on the Library Portal and at the Enquiry Desk or enquiries can be made via e-mail, the Virtual Help Desk or the telephone. The cost for photocopying or scanning of articles and, in some cases, postal charges, may have to be borne by the department to which the staff member is attached.

Restricted Loans

Books that are heavily used are placed on restricted loans, that is, reserve, forty eight (48) hours loan, twenty four (24) hours loan, two (2) hours, one (1) week and two (2) weeks loan. In order to maintain an efficient service, academic staff are required to submit their Reading Lists via email or at the Circulation Desk by the first week of the semester, or at least one week in advance of the date of the reading assignment. When restricted materials are no longer required, the staff member should notify the library so that the material may be returned to normal circulation.

Serials Section

A Serials section is located on the First and Second floors of the Library.

Academic and Research Staff are allowed access to the stack area for the purpose of consulting Serials and may borrow up to six issues of titles for a period of two weeks. Literature searches can be requested by completing request forms available from the Section. Request for photocopies of periodical articles can also be made at the Serials Issue Counter.

Staff may request subscription to a title through their respective Head of Department, who will be notified of the arrival of titles requested.

Staff are requested to direct all enquiries concerning Serials to the Librarian in charge of the Serials section.

Acquisitions Department

The Department is located on the western end of the ground floor of the Library.

Academic staff are asked to participate actively in the development of the collection to support the teaching and research programmes of the University. Suggestions for book purchase may be submitted to the Acquisitions Department or through the Library Portal by filling out an Online Purchase Request Form.

Book requests should ideally be countersigned by the Heads of Departments before they are sent to the Library.

Books ordered from overseas take a minimum of three to four months to reach the Library, provided there are no problems in the supply of the books or in clearing the books through Customs.

Academic Staff are advised to order books at least six months before the books are needed and to submit reading lists to the Library for a new academic year by July 31 of that year.

Enquiries concerning the ordering of books may be addressed to the Librarian in charge of the Acquisitions Department.


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