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University of Guyana Library

"Information Portal"

Our Vision

Message from Mrs. Gwyneth George, University Librarian

Welcome to the University of Guyana Library!
The Library remains committed to serving you, our users, to the improvement of our services and to the improvement of the access and delivery of information. Through this website, we aim to provide you with an array of information that keeps you in touch with information sources, regardless of the medium in which it is packaged.
We trust that you will find the information on this site interesting. We welcome any comments and suggestions that would contribute to enhancing this website.

Mission Statement

The University of Guyana Library will strive to support the teaching and research activities of the University. It will provide the necessary human resources and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to meet the requirements of the electronic age, and serve as the beacon of academic research, both locally and internationally. 

Brief Overview

The University of Guyana Library system comprises the Turkeyen and the Berbice Campus Libraries.  The Turkeyen Campus Library is usually referred to as the Main Library and the Berbice Campus Library is referred to as the Berbice Library.

The objectives of the University Library are:

  • To acquire and preserve books, journals and other materials related to fields of study within and outside of the University

  • To make the materials available to users

  • To provide a service to the University and to the community at large

The University of Guyana Library provides information to serve the teaching, learning and research needs of the Faculties, Schools and Departments of the University of Guyana, as well as its extramural arm the Institute of Distance of Continuing Education (IDCE). It also strives to meet the needs of the wider local and international communities.  The Library also provides a variety of resources which support and extend the teaching, learning and research programmes of the University.  The stock comprises an estimated 400,000 items of print material as well as a significant amount of non-print and electronic materials. Apart from being a legal deposit, the Library is also a partial depository for the United Nations and several of its arms, and the International Development Bank (IDB).

The Library is organised into subject divisions which reflect the subject groupings taught at the University. See Readers' Services Division.

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